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If you see something you like, well, everything is for sale through me via an outside lab. The Metallic Paper is amazing and reflects or uses every lumen of room light available. The "Metal Prints" (directly on glossy polished aluminum) are spectacular. The "Thin Wraps" are softer with a semi-gloss finish. Generally, most prefer "lustre" to "glossy" prints. Feel free to ask me ~anything~ Available are prints large and small, as well as a merchandise like black or white coffee mugs, refrigerator magnets, playing cards, aprons, t-shirts and more.

Of course, the prints are what are truly amazing. I am in love with the Metal prints, the Thin Wrap prints and the Metallic Paper.

I have many images not posted in galleries. Feel free to make a special request for anything here (or not here). You can e-mail me by clicking "contact" at the bottom of any page.

Thanks for stopping by!

--Dr Carl--